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Welcome Friends and Family!

Hello Audience! Thank you for helping me so I can help you and others. I'm Rita Badaloni Hodges, your featured Host and Founder of The all New Serenity Show, that broadcasts from Blog Talk Radio, out of Clarksville, Tennessee,  I'm here to help you.  My radio talk show covers a wide variety of societal issues that affect you and our loved ones daily, especially young adolescents and young adults. What makes my show unique is that I speak from lived experiences. These are real issues that I've dealt with enabling me to provide coping skills and tools you can utilize in your own lives and proven solutions that have worked for me and surly can work for you. We are now a Non ~ profit Organization and we are currently looking for Sponsorship and donations. 

Let me share; I know people think, "There's someone else asking for money for a cause." Then click" people move on without even giving it a second thought. I know I've done it myself and you may do it here if this is not your passion, but you see, I'm looking for people who do have the same passion as I do for the projects I will present to you, In addition, you find them just as important for our young ones because it may mean it being one of your teens that needs this kind of help. So my friends, its important for you to know, I'm not asking for hundreds or thousands of dollars here, just if you can give $25 maybe $50 as a donation, I mean, what do you have to loose if were not successful? But I feel confident that we will be a success. Or you can come on as an ongoing Sponsor. Here is what you would be sponsoring: The first project that needs funding is so vital for our young teens to be educated on, I don't feel we can wait another minute! It's called, "Smart Dating" It was created by Janice Hoffman who worked with Dr. John Gray as a "Mars Venus Facilitator" doing hundreds of workshops then branching out creating Smart Dating for Teens and taking it into High Schools. She is training people to become Facilitators so we can bring it into our home towns or anywhere in the country where we can teach our teens healthy dating skills which they will be taught how to make healthier choices about dating and relationships, including sex. Our teens just don't have healthy role models in our society today to look towards, and don't always have the proper guidance at home and I can bring this vital information and teachings to our young ones, but I have to ask for your help to get there. I am so passionate and believe in this project with all my heart! If you have the same passion I ask for your donation. It could be $20 $30 $50 $100 or more or you can be a Sponsor for the whole project. Please just go to with your small gift and we can accomplish this awesome opportunity together! Thank you from me and The Serenity Show. For Sponsorship, please call 931-378-0482 or email

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