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Hi, I'm Rita Badaloni Hodges, your featured Host and Founder of The Serenity Show, that broadcasts from Blog Talk Radio, out of Clarksville, Tennessee,  and I'm here to help you. My radio talk show covers a wide variety of societal issues that affect you and our loved ones daily. What makes my show unique is that I speak from lived experiences. These are real issues that I've dealt with, enabling me to provide coping skills and tools you can utilize in your own lives and proven solutions that have worked for me and surly can work for you.

 I help people with prevention and intervention with alcohol/substance abuse and use, relationships, mental illness, suicide prevention, the criminal justice system, and any other demises our young adolescents and young adults may face in today's society or home life. Then I work with family members in finding workable solutions and a healthier way of living, ultimately guiding you and loved ones to a new beginning.

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