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Hello Audience! Thank you for helping me so I can help you and others. My name isRita Badaloni, your featured Host and Founder of The all New Serenity Show, that broadcasts from Blog Talk Radio, out of Clarksville, Tennessee, It is my sincere calling from God and true passion to make myself available to help others that may have similar stories to my past in hopes of bringing them to a newer height of awareness with behavioral dispositions and a new found freedom from the bondage's that hold them captive. I have 30 years of education, lived experiences, knowledge and research in the field of chemical dependency and educated in the 12 step programs since 1985. I have received my Associates in Arts Degree in Psychology and am in Training for my Peer Recovery Specialist Certificate. I am beginning my Nationally Certified Recovery Coaching I and II courses and I am also a Substance Abuse Expert and in Mental Illness, Relationships and Behavioral Dispositions.  My radio talk show covers a wide variety of societal issues that affect you and our loved ones daily, especially young adolescents, teens  and young adults. What makes my show unique is that I speak from lived experiences. These are real issues that I've dealt with enabling me to provide coping skills and tools you can utilize in your own lives and proven solutions that have worked for me and surly can work for you. I am usually not for the weak, however, for those that are willing to make the changes necessary and look at self, I can help you.

I have raised two very well accomplished, very intelligent and well educated young men. Surly I made my mistakes, for parenting does not come with a handbook set in stone.Though, God has a great outline. Though, I had to re-earn their trust in some areas, we have very loving and trusting relationships today, and very well earned through a lot of hard work. Your work is never done as a parent, even when they move forward on their own to lead their lives. You just hope you have taught them well enough to make healthy choices, but you should always be there for a guiding hand along the way throughout their lifetime. 

I have started a campaign that I'm trying to raise funds for when it comes to some of our teens that have made some poor choices, but society hasn't given them any healthy alternatives in making up for those poor choices. Unfortunately the system feels that a simple drug charge, curfew, suspension and other petty crimes, that locking them up with violent offenders will teach them a lesson. Unfortunately these kids are coming out worse than when they went in under these circumstances.  I wish I was in time to help a friend of mine  with his sons problems with alcohol/drugs and the criminal justice system, but he decided life's turmoil got too big to deal with any longer and took his own life while under the influence. Suicide is one of the four leading causes of death that is contributed through alcohol and drugs by our young ones aged 10-24. We as parents, teachers, health professionals, courts, police, and the criminal justice system have to have another solution for our teens in dealing with this horrific disease of addiction than just throwing them into a broken system. This doesn't treat their problem or get to the core issues of why they ended up where they are to begin with, and our children are dying right before us before their time. We need to have a solution to introduce to our teens, a way to educate them on the dangers of these substances, then teach them life skills, anger management, job skills and dating skills in order to make healthier choices in everything they do. Please don't turn your back on this. This needs gracious attention. If we as parents don't give our children this attention, then who will?
I have created an alternative interventional educational program. I have named it "This is Your Chance" Grades 6-12th are eligible to participate and it will be used as a diversion from the juvenile justice system or in lieu of school suspension. Parents must attend family nights and booster sessions. It will be a two-week program and it will be referral based.  A certificate of completion will be given at the end of progress. So, please, this is a campaign to help Teens say NO to drugs/alcohol. I want to get this program out around the country. It is an expensive program, however, it is less expensive than housing juveniles on a daily basis for 2 weeks and them learning nothing except more negativity. This is a positive move for our society in the right direction. Let's all pitch in and make this happen.

If everyone just donated $5 this will eventually build with God's grace and abundance and we can serve these troubled teens in bringing them hope, inspiration and a brighter future. Letting them know that there are those people that are listening and caring about their needs. Please, visit the DONATE button down below now to make your small gift to help me help them in changing a life, changing their future, our future, because they are our future. For any Community Professionals interested in wanting more information on this program, please email me at info@theserenityshow.net and stand out in the subject line please: "This is Your Chance" Thank you all for your support. Visit my Webstore for shows and gifts with proceeds going back into the show and this program with helping Teens say NO to Alcohol/Drugs.
Learn more about The Serenity Show at www.blogtalkradio.com/ritahodges. Be sure to LIKE US on Facebook and leave your comments or reviews. Always love to hear from my listeners and readers! You'll be happy to know I have started a Blog and Newsletter. Please join in and lets get educated together! #nothingbutpositiveenergy!

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